Hello and welcome! I hope this visit to my pages will demonstrate how wonderfully gourds lend themselves to vibrant self-expression and artistry. My pine needle gourds grace homes from San Diego to Santa Fe to Scottsdale and from Indianapolis to Idaho. If you would like to purchase a gourd you see here, learn about other pieces I have for sale or discuss a commission, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thank you again for visiting my site. Enjoy!


About the Artist

I saw my first piece of fine gourd art in 2007 and was stunned that this gorgeous object could be a gourd! Three months later, under the mentorship of the phenomenal John Hernandez, creator of that first piece, I began producing my own works of gourd art – cutting, cleaning, painting and embellishing gourds with coils of pine needles, strings of beads, deer antlers, driftwood and even scraps of copper trim from the roof of a generous friend.

All of my work is inspired by the cultures and colors of the West.  From childhood, I’ve admired (and envied) the remarkable traditional clothing worn by Native American people in their powwows and everyday lives.  With deep respect, I recently launched a new series featuring faux beaded designs replicating those that have adorned men’s and women’s tribal clothing – and their horses’ tack – since the 1800s.  Some of the designs are from old black and white photographs, so the colors chosen are mine; however, the correct combinations are used when possible.

I create gourd art in my spare time with the full support of my husband, Larry, who recently converted a backyard garden shed into a air-conditioned studio. It’s now home to my drills, saws and sanders and a year’s supply of about 50 gourds waiting to become pieces of art.

Artists’ brushes and paint are new to me. My career has been in journalism. I began as a reporter in my hometown of Muskogee, Oklahoma, at the age of 16, and after graduating from the University of Oklahoma, worked for newspapers in Enid and Oklahoma City. I have also been press secretary for politicians and political campaigns, a grant-writer for World Neighbors – an international development organization, and from 2003 to my retirement at the end of 2011, I was writer-editor of OU Medicine magazine.

A special thank you goes to my wonderful family members, friends, colleagues and a houseful of pets for putting up with and even supporting my consuming addiction to gourds.

Judy Kelley


Available Now!!

The National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum Store

1700 NE 63rd, Oklahoma City, OK.

10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Day

July 3-28

Special exhibit and sale

JRB Art at the Elms

2801 N Walker, Oklahoma City, OK

My gourd art is available here year round.

September 16-18 (tentative)

Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival

Pine needle gourding demonstration

Wilcox Gallery II on the Square
Jackson, WY

My gourd art is available here year round

June 1-30

Best of the West Exhibition

JRB  Art at the Elms

2801 N Walker, Oklahoma City, OK


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